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Corresponding technical characteristics and application of bearing failure

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In the process of using the bearing on the equipment, there will often be failures for some problems, which is inevitable in the research. The important thing is that if we know what type of failure the bearing has, we can take corresponding measures to actively repair it. Based on experience, SAIQ bearing network has learned that there are six bearing failure technologies, and analyzed the corresponding characteristics and applications of these six bearing failure technologies.
Technical characteristics and application of bearing failure
1. Vibration diagnosis technology
As long as the working surface of the bearing component that is fatigued, flaked, dented or locally corroded, a periodic pulse signal operation of the bearing occurs. This kind of periodic signal system can be received by a sensor (velocity type or acceleration type) mounted on a bearing seat, and diagnoses and SAIQ bearing faults through the analysis of vibration control signals.
Features: Extensive diagnosis technology vibration; online monitoring can be realized; rapid diagnosis, diagnosis theory is mature.
Scope of application research: It is especially suitable for fault information monitoring of SAIQ bearings in rotating machinery.
2. Ferrograph diagnosis technology
SAIQ bearing wear particles are closely related to their working conditions. Through the strong magnetic field and the lubricant of the wear particles, under the influence of the strong magnetic field, the spectral abrasive particles deposited on the iron sheet according to certain rules, the iron sheet spectrum can be qualitatively observed in a microscope or a ferrospectral quantitative tester to determine the working state of the bearing. .
Features: The machine does not need to be disassembled; the investment is low and the effect is good; the early reading fatigue failure of Chinese bearings can be found; the main research on the wear mechanism can be done.
Application: Used for fault diagnosis of lubricant lubrication of SAIQ bearings, and bearings that are more difficult to lubricate with grease.
3. Acoustic emission diagnostic technology
Due to the internal failure of the crystal lattice of the metal material, the slip of the grain boundary, or the occurrence and the development of internal cracks, the need to release elastic waves is a phenomenon called acoustic emission phenomenon. When the bearing is peeled or cracked, it will produce acoustic emission signals that affect different types of enterprises. Based on this, the development status of SAIQ bearings can be evaluated.
Features: fast and simple diagnosis; online monitoring.
Scope of application: In recent years, the development of new technologies that are rarely used in bearing condition monitoring.