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Points to note when installing tapered bore bearings

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Under normal circumstances, tapered bore bearings are fixed on the optical axis with tapered bushings, but when installing tapered bore bearings, it is necessary to pay attention to some things, so that tapered bore bearings can be well installed.

1. The tapered hole bearing can be installed in any axial position on the shaft with an open sleeve, but care must be taken to ensure that the bearing will be positioned in the correct position.

2. When installing tapered bore bearings with adapter sleeves, the fixed end bearings must be installed first. Secondly, determine and record the moving distance of the bearing in the bearing housing along the axial direction.

3. When installing the bearing at the free end, the axial clearance is at the outer end. The axial clearance of the bearing is used for the bearing movement of the outer ring of the bearing at the axially floating end.

4. There are two methods for the interference fit of the tapered bore spherical roller bearings. Advance the bearing to the sleeve to determine the distance in advance, and measure the remaining bearing clearance when the sleeve is pushed to the inner ring of the bearing. Because accurate measurement of the axial lift distance is extremely difficult, the residual method is usually the method of choice.

5. Larger conical hole bearing heating can also be used for the measurement of moving distance. Make sure that the bearing heating does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius, but be sure to check the results with the remaining method.

6. When using a withdrawal sleeve for a bearing with a large inner hole, we generally use a hydraulic auxiliary program.

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