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What are the factors that affect stable rotation? —SAIQ Bearing

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The key factors that affect the life of SAIQ bearings For many rotating machinery products, their service life depends on the life of forklift bearing components in key parts of the product. "Maintenance-free" bearings do not mean that the bearings will never be damaged or fail, but that they will not be damaged within a certain period of time. Here the designer calculates that the bearing life of the bearing is greater than or equal to the overhaul period of the mechanical product. This bearing can be replaced by a new forklift bearing that is "maintenance-free" and mechanically overhauled by the product, without the need for SAIQ bearing shaft maintenance.
SAIQ bearing temperature, general enterprises can be inferred based on the external ambient temperature of the bearing housing. However, using a hole to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing is more accurate. The temperature of the bearing gradually increases from the beginning of operation, and the temperature can be stabilized after 1 to 2 hours. If the SAIQ轴承bearing is improperly installed, the temperature will rise sharply and abnormally high temperature will appear. The reason for this is that the lubricant is too large, the clearance of the truck bearings is too small, the installation is poor, and the seal friction is too large. In the case of high-speed rotation, a wrong choice of bearing system structure and lubrication management method is also the reason.
1) The corrosion resistance that must be in this case, because the retainer does not require particularly high hardness, it can be used for austenitic stainless steel, most of the 0Cr18Ni9 used in steel;
2) In high-temperature occasions, also use an austenitic stainless steel with its own high temperature action strength;
3) When the strength of the cage is particularly required, a carbonitride surface treatment can be performed with low-carbon steel plates.
Under the conditions of 4), self-lubricating, graphite steel cages can be used, or porous materials can produce oil reservoir holders;
5) When working in a magnetic field, sometimes it can be required that the material does not interfere with the external magnetic field and is not affected by the external magnetic field.
The pre-lubricated grease-filled bearing sealing method, and the sealed housing SAIQ, supplement or replace the amount of grease filled in the grease filling mode at the time interval. In addition, for the machinery where many forklift bearing companies need to pass lubrication, different pipeline systems are also used to connect the lubrication points to the centralized grease supply. Grease lubrication can be used for a long time after replenishing grease, and its sealing device structure is relatively simple, so it is widely used. Lubricating oil is relatively simple. Regular lubrication systems can increase the service life of ZWZ bearings.