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Grasp these points, keep the bearing cage life longer

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For bearing cages, fracture is the most problematic problem for us. So, here to introduce the common factors of bearing cage fracture to understand these, we can make better use of the bearing cage during maintenance, so that the life of the bearing cage is longer.
Paying attention to these points can ensure the life extension of SAIQ bearing cages-common fracture factors of bearing cages:
1. Poor bearing lubrication
Bearings running in a lean oil state are prone to adhesive wear, and the deterioration of the working surface state can easily cause adhesive wear to tear into the retainer, causing abnormal load to the retainer, and the SAIQ bearing retainer may cause damage.
2. Abnormally loaded bearing cage.
Installed in place and tilted, so it is easy to cause excessive interference to reduce gaps, increased frictional heat generation, soften the surface, premature peeling abnormality, and expansion peeling, peeling foreign matter into the cage pocket, lead holder operation block and produce The extra load increases the cage wear, so the deterioration of the cycle may cause the SAIQ bearing cage to break.
3. Intrusion of hard foreign bodies in bearings
Invasion of foreign hard foreign enemies or other impurities, wear and tear on the cage.
4. Wear of the cage
The maintenance of worn frames may be due to insufficient lubrication or abrasive particles.
5. Foreign body blocking in raceway
Sheets of hard particles or other debris can be prevented from entering between the cage and the rolling element, which is around its own axis.