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How to deal with thrust bearing overheating

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How to deal with overheating of thrust bearing
In the actual application of bearings, bearing heating problems are often encountered, how to deal with it? SAIQ bearings tell you the following methods:
Tell everyone to understand the cause of bearing heat first.
The SAIQ bearing tells you that the reason why the bearing exceeds the normal temperature during work may be:
    One. The joint between the bearing and the journal is uneven or the contact surface is too small (the fit gap is too small), and the unit area is too large than the pressure. Most cases occur after the new machine is put into operation or the bearing bush is replaced;
2. Bearing deflection or crankshaft bending or twisting;
3. The quality of the bearing pad is not good, the quality of the lubricating oil is not good (low viscosity), or the oil passage is blocked. The oil supply pressure of the gear oil pump is too low, and the oil supply is interrupted, resulting in a lack of oil in the bearing bush and dry friction;
4. The bearing has too much debris or lubricant, which is too dirty;
5. The bearing bush has uneven and excessive wear;
6. When the compressor is installed, the coupling between the main shaft and the main shaft of the motor (or diesel engine) is not aligned, and the error is too large, causing the two shafts to tilt.
After we understand the cause of bearing fever, we can treat the symptoms.